Graduate School

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The USL Graduate School envisions to be a nationally and internationally recognized leader in professional development with a prominent status as a research university.

The Graduate School provides quality graduate programs through advanced research and responsive community engagement to prepare experts for professional work in Missio et Excellentia.

To fulfill our mission, we will:
  1. Promote excellence in learning through dynamic partnerships to develop innovative structures in support of scholarly and professional development and opportunities for external funding.
  2. Improve the visibility of graduate school nationally and internationally through research, CICM-anchored advocacies and community engagements.
  3. Continuously review graduate programs and policies to respond to innovations in instruction, research and extension.
Autonomous Status granted by the Philippines’ Commission on Higher Education (2002 - present)

Institutional Accreditation awarded by the Federation of Accrediting Agencies of the Philippines (FAAP)

Level IV PAASCU-Accredited Programs
Accountancy, Business Administration, Civil Engineering, Secondary Teacher Education, Elementary Teacher Education, Liberal Arts

Level III PAASCU-Accredited Program
Electrical Engineering

Level II PAASCU-Accredited Programs Computer Science, Information Technology, Nursing, High School, Elementary School

Center of Development (COD) in Information Technology

Platinum Awardee for Excellence and Business Prestige Quality Summit New York 2014

A Top Performing School in Licensure Exams
Nursing, Accountancy, Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electronics Technician Board (Awarded by the Professional Regulation Commission)

*PAASCU-Philippine Accrediting Association of Schools, Colleges and Universities

Dr. Joeffrey Calimag is a professor at the University of Ulsan in Korea and handles MBA and DBM subjects such as Global Business Environment, Business Leadership and Ethics, Asian Business Environment, and Economic Analysis for Managers and Executives.


Dr. Felina Espique, Dean of the School of Education of Saint Louis University, Baguio City, handles subjects in the EdD such as Design and Development of Alternative Delivery Systems and Curriculum Design and Development.


Engr. Raymond Medina, an APEC and ASEAN Engineer who is the National Vice-President for External Affairs of the Institute of Electronics Engineers of the Philippines (IECEP), handles subjects such as Data Communication Network System and Digital Signal Processing in the Master of  Engineering major in Electronics Engineering (ME-ECE) program.


Dr. Roberto Pagulayan, the Research Director of Angeles University Foundation, teaches Research subjects in the master’s and doctoral programs.


Dr. Noel Racho, HR Director of Miriam College, teaches subjects such as Organizational Development, Quality Assurance, Performance Management System, Strategic Management, and Knowledge Management System in Ed.D., DBM and DPA. Programs.


Dr. Rafael Saldaña, a full-time faculty of Ateneo de Manila University, teaches MIT/MSIT subjects such as Simulation Principles and Application and Advanced Database Management System.


Engr. Gerhard Tan is an ASEAN Engineer who teaches Analysis and Design of Communication System in the Master of Engineering major in Electronics Engineering (ME-ECE) program.


Dr. Peter Ureta, former dean of the School of Engineering of the Lyceum of the Philippines-Laguna, Calamba City, teaches Master of Engineering (ME-CE) subjects such as Plastic Analysis and Earthquake Resistant Structure Engineering.

  • Doctor in Public Administration
  • Doctor in Business Management
  • Doctor of Education
  • Doctor in Engineering Management
  • Master of Engineering major in
    Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Geodetic Engineering, Electronics Engineering
  • Master in Public Administration (Thesis and Non-Thesis)
  • Master in Business Administration (Thesis and Non-Thesis)
  • Master of Science in Nursing (Thesis and Non-Thesis)
  • Master of Arts in Education major in Social Studies, Mathematics, English, Biology (thesis)
  • Master of Arts in Teaching major in Social Studies, Mathematics, English, Biology (non-thesis)
  • Master in Information Technology (non-thesis)
  • Master of Science in Information Technology (thesis)