School of Health and Allied Sciences


The School of Health Allied Sciences of University of Saint Louis envisions itself to become a center of excellence in health education and a source of competent, compassionate and vibrant health workers committed to people’s health care and wellness.


Compelled by Christ’s attitude to the healthy and the sick, the SHAS is committed to form Christ-like health workers through dynamic curricular and extra-curricular programs that will train future health professionals for true Christian living, academic excellence, professional responsibility and social awareness and involvement. As such, it strives to:

  1. provide a holistic basic education necessary for the proper understanding of principles and methods of modern scientific health programs;
  2. form health practitioners who shall confidently demonstrate professional competencies and compassionate attitude in the practice of the health profession;
  3. prepare its graduates for the practice of health-related work in various settings by giving them enough opportunities for actual participation in various programs in the health care system, be it in the family, in the hospitals or in the community;
  4. develop the capabilities for professional competence through dynamic researches and comprehensive outreach and community programs.


Description of the Logo

Circle – Symbolizes a well-rounded SHS Students (360°)

Shield - Symbolizes or call to safeguard the health of all

Caduceus - Symbolizes health

Microscope - Symbolizes medical technology

Nightingales lamp - Symbolizes nursing

Bowl of Hygeia - Symbolizes pharmacy

Book of Laurel - Symbolizes education

Gold - Symbolizes our golden mission to help the sick

Green - Symbolizes life which is precious gift from God

White - Symbolizes purity

2004 – Year SHS started



RGB: 000 102 051
Hex: #006633
CYMK: 090 034 100 027

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