USL mobilizes partnership with HCU Thailand

The University of Saint Louis has been working closely with Huachiew Chalermparkiet University in Thailand to exchange knowledge and ideas through various collaboration initiatives.

Ms. Ellen Joy C. Manansala, faculty of the School of Health and Allied Sciences, engaged in training and benchmarking activities on Physical Manufacturing held at the partner university from March 6 to April 4, 2023.

In her training experience, Ms. Manansala shared how it became an invaluable experience for her as an instructor. “The immersion was an invaluable experience for me as an instructor, as I was able to observe more experienced instructors’ lectures and facilitate laboratories. I learned some teaching strategies, especially in the laboratory. I was introduced to machines and equipment used in quality control, quality assurance, and product development that I had only read about previously and that I can share with my students in the pharmaceutical sciences. It also served as a very good refresher on the laboratory techniques and skills I need to have for better instruction.”

“The immersion was a singular experience for me as a professional and someone who just started her career in academia. For me, it was an experience where the profession and education of pharmacy uniquely diverged. I was able to observe, assimilate, and now try to emulate all that I have learned in my own practice as a pharmacist and as an instructor. It particularly reinforced my appreciation of pharmaceutical manufacturing practices and the importance of having a solid foundation in school.”

“I am certain that the said international program is an invaluable opportunity for any aspiring pharmacist. This certainly did not originate from my own assumption but from the lips of the students whom I was privileged to know. It is an opportunity to improve their skills and prepare them for their roles as pharmacists, especially in the manufacturing arena.”

Further, USL accepted HCU’s invitation to co-host the 10th HCU International Academic Conference, which will be held on June 29, 2023. Under the theme “Research to Serve Society,” the university has identified at least seven academic research papers with the potential to be presented at the international conference, which further showcases the partnership’s value and potential for global academic collaboration.

Earlier this year, USL representatives met with Dr. Jonathan R. Carreon, HCU’s Vice President for Academics, for an exploratory talk on possible areas of collaboration between the academic units of the two institutions.

USL and HCU’s shared vision for academic excellence has been further cemented through this meaningful partnership.