USL honors students’ excellence

Honoring the accomplishments and achievements of Louisians, the University of Saint Louis conducted the 4th Gawad San Luis for Students on December 13, 2022, at the Bulwagang Teodulfo Domingo.

The said program was organized by the Office of Student Affairs and Services(OSAS), headed by Mrs. Ma. Leonora M. Cagurangan, Dean of OSAS.

The Gawad San Luis is a search that recognizes and honors students who exemplify the University’s five core values and have made significant achievements.

The program was opened by Dr. Rina M. Reyes, who motivated everyone that the awards they received were the products of their hard work, conscious efforts, time, and the spirit of always trying.

“The awards and achievements in college must not only bring you to the stage and should not only be for gathering tokens and mementos but should create in you a sense of urgency to make your professional contributions outside the University and at home,” Dr. Reyes said.

Moreover, Rev. Fr. Renillo H. Sta. Ana, CICM, University President, inspired everyone by comparing the life of Saint Louis to the challenges experienced by the awardees, especially during the time of the pandemic.

“May the name of San Luis continue to be your inspiration. The person who went through a pandemic during his own time was not defeated but rather soared in great spirit to be able to be of service to others,” he said.

“That’s the Louisian spirit. Even challenged by many difficulties, we can still soar even higher,” he added.

After the messages, the awarding proper started. The GSLS for Innovation, Creativity and Agility was awarded first by Dr. Emmanuel James P. Pattaguan, Vice President for Academics, and assisted by Dr. Marie Jean N. Mendezabal, Director of the University Research and Development Center. Fr. Sta. Ana and Dr. Reyes awarded the GSLS for Professional Responsibility and GSLS for Excellence in Sports. Moreover, Dr. Pattaguan and Dr. Herbert S. Corpuz, Dean of the School of Education, Arts & Sciences, awarded the GSLS for Academic Excellence. Meanwhile, the GSLS for Outstanding Organizations was awarded by Mrs. Cagurangan and Ms. Diane Jenalyn B. Datul, Prefect of Women, and the Giving of Certificates to the Accredited Organizations for 2022-2023 was awarded by Mr. Nestor M. Cabrido Jr., Prefect of Men, and Ms. Datul.

After the awarding of each category, acceptance speeches were heard. The acceptance speeches were given by the following: Ms. Cyril Joyce M. Balilia, Best Presenter, International Conference on Information Technology Education 2021; Mr. John Carl B. Pagulayan, 8th Placer in the 10 Most Outstanding Scholars of the Philippines in the International Youth Congress and International Youth Leaders Convention 2021; Mr. Jovert R. Sebastian, Champion during the Online Teaching Demonstration Contest; and Ms. Niña Ricca Angelice S. Tuliao, Champion in Research Poster in an International Undergraduate Conference.

The acceptance speeches were anchored on their personal experiences before they were able to receive those awards. Indeed, having a Louisian spirit will keep your head high even in difficult times.

Prior to the GSLS 2022, the awardees were nominated by the faculty or their co-students. Then, they were tasked to submit needed documents to prove that they were fit for the award. After submitting all documents, their papers were given to the GSLS screening and evaluation committee headed by Mrs. Cagurungan. After a thorough evaluation and deliberation by the committee, it was given to the University President for approval.

Further, the Gawad San Luis was divided into two major categories: individual awards and group awards. Awards in the individual and group categories include GSLS for Innovation, Creativity and Agility; GSLS for Professional Responsibility; GSLS for Excellence in Sports; and GSLS for Academic Excellence. Awards were also given to Outstanding Organizations and certificates were given to the Accredited Organizations for 2022-2023.

Here are the awardees for the Gawad San Luis for Students.


GSLS for Excellence in Academics

Regine R. Oandasan

Nicole Emmanuelle Pagalilauan

Cerene Pearl T. Quilang

Jose Marie S. Narag

Jovert R. Sebastian

Jerico A. Turo

James S. Perlas

GSLS for Professional Responsibility

John Carl B. Pagulayan

Mark Chester C. Tungcul

Klein Van Kayle I. Allag

John Mark P. Sahagun

Sharlotte A. Ferrer

Marvin Rae V. Cadapan

GSLS for Innovation, Creativity & Agility

Princess C. Babaran

Angela S. Tangan

Archie F. Turingan

Cyril Joyce M. Balilia

David Niño Angelo V. Pattaguan

Alchi G. Abaya

Russel B. Martin

GSLS for Excellence in Sports

Kashi Dwin R. Balisi


GSLS for Innovation, Creativity & Agility

David Niño Angelo V. Pattaguan

Fernando L. Llanto

John Mark A. Enciso

Krizel E. Pacis

Cyril Joyce M. Balilia

Jay Alheizen A. Acoba

Jaye-Em C. Mebaña

Lyanna I. Pagulayan

Alchi G. Abaya

Roberto P. Domingo Jr.

Emmanuel A. Pangan

Christian G. Pattugalan

John Patrick A. Ramos

Lg Kevin M. Soriano

Adrian M. Velasco

Editha C. Valerio

Jenine Maree M. Zingapan

Michaela Venus G. Tomas

Jerica K. Tubban

Dianna Joyce B. Tumbaga

Niña Ricca Angelice S. Tuliao

Freyselle S. Urmanita

Alyssa Joy C. Quinagoran

Jel M. Quindatan

Bethel I. Soliven

Angelika U. Suelen

Shella Marie L. Tejada

Russel B. Martin

John Michael U. Ventura

Brent U. Rivera

Chester G. Gonzales

Nicole D. Andres

Maria Angela M. Benitez

Humphrey A. Bago

Ryle Jan M. Bucao

Princess Rhea D. Balinbin

Estrella Marie A. Eugenio

Archie F. Turingan

Erika Joyce I. Silva

Cinderella B. Formoso

Ryle Jan M. Bucao

Sharlotte A. Ferrer

Rodrigo B. Macarubbo

GSLS for Excellence in Academics

Christian R. Cerilo

Aaron Ed Joseph C. Acuña

Rouxanne A. Macoco

Nicole Emmanuelle Pagalilauan

Janderick M. Oñate

Alta Gracia D. Tuliao

Ben Benedict U. Besa

Regine R. Oandasan

Outstanding Student Organizations

Bronze Awardee

United Architects of the Philippines Student Auxiliary (UAPSA)

Nichole Sephine Lingan, President, SY 2021-2022

Ar. Ma. Eleanor C. Lucero, MA-UD, UAP

Top Performing Student Council

School of Education, Arts and Sciences (SEAS- SC)

Paul-Iris G. Canceran, SEAS – Pithaya Governor

Hayden II B. Gonzales, SEAS Adviser

Accredited Student Organizations

Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants (JPIA)

Institute of Integrated Electrical Engineers (IIEE)

Association of Louisian Grantees and Scholars (ALGS)

Geodetic Engineering Students Association (GESA)

Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers, Inc. (PICE)

Hospitality and Tourism Society (HOSTS)

Junior Institute of Electronics Engineers of the Philippines (JIECEP)