USL gears up its faculty for SY 2020-2021

To ensure readiness of the University in the “new normal” or for this school year 2020-2021, the University of Saint Louis (USL), through the Office of the Vice President for Academics, lined up different retooling programs for all faculty from Elementary to Graduate School.

The retooling programs were designed to prepare teachers in adopting the Flexible Learning system which the University espouses. Students were given four learning modalities to choose from, namely: 1) blended learning, 2) full online, 3) correspondence learning – printed modules, and 4) correspondence learning – soft copy/e-copy.

USL Vice President for Academics Emmanuel James P. Pattaguan conducted an orientation on the USL Flexible Learning to all faculty of the different academic departments, on separate dates: Elementary (July 6); Junior High School (July 9); Senior High School (July 16); College (July 16); and Graduate School (July 28).

Dr. Pattaguan introduced the features of the NEO Learning Management System (LMS) to Elementary and Junior High School faculty. The utilization of the NEO LMS in Elementary and Junior High School as their online learning platform was approved this SY 2020-2021.

The Elementary faculty had their two-day LMS seminar-workshop last July 6-7 with Mr. Sander T. Sedano and Mr. Jerome S. Miguel, head and assistant head of the Center for Learning Management System, respectively, as resource persons. The Junior High School faculty also underwent similar training last July 9-10.

The Senior High School, College and Graduate School have been using the LMS since its pilot implementation last August 2017. Said online learning platform is used as supplemental tool for student learning.

Other resource persons for the LMS training were Mr. Herbert S. Corpuz, dean of Student Affairs and Services, and Mr. Ertie C. Abana, head of the Center for Engineering Research and Technology Innovation.

Mr. Corpuz shared on how to embed voice in PowerPoint presentation while Mr. Abana presented the use of Google Form for assessment. The Elementary and Senior High School faculty had their training with Mr. Corpuz and Mr. Abana last July 6 and 16, respectively; the College faculty with Mr. Corpuz on July 16.

Moreover, the Basic Education, College and Graduate School faculty had their seminar on Module Writing for Correspondence Learning also in July. Other retooling activities, like sharing of online LMS exemplar, and an online seminar on digital skills in the new normal were likewise pushed through.

Except for the LMS training of the Elementary and Junior High School faculty, all retooling programs were held online through Zoom Cloud Meeting. The University strictly followed the government’s health protocols on mass gathering wherein social distancing and wearing of face masks were observed during the said LMS training.

Other programs are also in the pipeline to further enhance faculty skills in delivering education through the Latest Pedagogical Skills Training as well as the coaching of new faculty in the new normal via the already launched Project TITSER.

Project TITSER stands for Tenured Teacher Inspiring Temporary Teacher towards Sustained, Enhanced and Rewarding educational experience. Launched in SY 2019-2020, the said project aims at establishing a mentor-mentee relationship among tenured and probationary faculty. (Read: USL launches Project TITSER at