USL employees engage in recollection, team-building activities

Employees of the University of Saint Louis recently engaged in meaningful recollection and team-building activities held on September 19-23, 2023.

Through purposeful engagement and shared experiences, this initiative sought to enhance teamwork, recharge the spirits, and strengthen the camaraderie within the esteemed academic community as they took a short time off their busy schedules and usual routines.

The recollection, held on the first day at the Bukal ng Tipan, Taytay, Rizal, provided an opportunity for the employees to reflect on their personal and spiritual development, allowing for a renewed sense of purpose and motivation. The recollection masters, namely, Bro. Rolan Banting, Fr. Arthur Arnaiz, Sr. Angelica Cruz, and Bro. Ed Villacorte shared their insights and knowledge, facilitating a mutual experience of reflection and renewal among the employees.

According to Ms. Thelma Baricaua, the recollection serves as an annual event dedicated to providing spiritual nourishment and fostering Christian formation among Catholic educators within USL. It aims to support and uphold the university’s core values of Christian Living.

Subsequently, the team-building and leisure activities held on the second and third days at Splash Island, Biñan, Laguna, and Mall of Asia, Pasay City, respectively, cultivated a sense of unity and effective teamwork within the organization. It also promoted a positive work environment and boosted the morale of the employees as they enjoyed invigorating activities and heartfelt conversations.

With a total of 414 participants, this marks the first time the university has held its RnR program outside the university premises since the pandemic. The university function was successfully conducted through the combined initiatives of the University President’s Office, Campus Ministry, Human Resources Management and Development Office, and other internal and external stakeholders.

USL continues to cultivate a thriving community that celebrates the holistic well-being and collective success of its employees.