USL celebrates 58th founding anniversary

A huge show of enthusiasm and energy filled the main campus on February 15-18, 2023, as students, faculty, staff, parents, and other stakeholders came together to celebrate the 58th Founding Anniversary of the University of Saint Louis.

University President Rev. Fr. Macwayne N. Maniwang, CICM, took a moment to express his gratitude in his homily during the thanksgiving mass held on February 15, 2023, reminding everyone of all the wonderful blessings God has bestowed upon USL.

Fr. Maniwang remarked, “Our gathering today is truly a manifestation that God did not leave us alone. Our thanksgiving for the 58th Founding Anniversary is grounded in our faith in the Lord. We express our gratitude and thanksgiving today because we recognize the gifts we received from the Lord.”

“We hope and pray that with God’s blessings and God’s presence in our lives, these 58 years will be doubled and tripled in the years to come. Let us pray that this university will always become an instrument of God’s grace to the people around us,” he added.

With the theme “Emerging in Multitude, Expanding in Mission and Excellence,” Louisians get to revisit the history of USL and enjoy a variety of performances and contested activities. The campus was abuzz with youthful energy and passionate cheers as Louisians put their best foot forward in showing off an impressive display of talents and abilities in sports, socio-cultural, literary, visual, and special events.

After a four-day showdown, the School of Engineering, Architecture, and Information Technology Education defended their title as they were crowned the overall champion for this year’s foundation meet.

The School of Accountancy, Business, and Hospitality placed first runner up, followed by the Senior High School as the second runner-up. Third runner-up went to the School of Education, Arts, and Sciences; fourth runner-up went to the School of Health and Allied Sciences; and the Junior High School placed fifth runner-up.