University launches new online learning platform

The University of Saint Louis (USL), through the office of the Learning Management System and Outcomes-Based Teaching and Learning (LMS-OBTL), has successfully introduced the NEO Learning Management System to the faculty and students of the Senior High School, College, and Graduate School.

The faculty had undergone series of training sessions on the basic features of the platform and on procedures in uploading teaching-learning contents and creating e-classes.

Mr. Sander Sedano, the LMS-OBTL coordinator, conducted orientations with the Senior High School, College, and Graduate School students to provide an overview, including advantages, of the said online learning platform.

The University’s subscription to NEO LMS provided by CYPHER Learning Philippines is aimed to advance teaching and learning and to promote flipped classroom through e-learning system.

NEO is a learning management system that boosts student engagement and provides new ways to make teaching-learning process easier and more interesting.

The said learning management system is an extensive cloud-based solution that gives features to support gamification elements, online classes/assessments, and other guided learning activities. The NEO LMS also provides wide array of opportunities to the teachers in designing and customizing their teaching-learning strategies which allow students to learn using their own self-paced skills and learning paths. Teaching and learning contents like topic outlines, handouts, PowerPoint presentations, and various assessments such as quizzes, exercises and surveys can also be uploaded in the platform.

As of February 2018, several classes in the Senior High School, College and Graduate School have already been using the NEO LMS. The platform is expected to be used optimally in the next few months.