Student Organizations

Every student is urged to be a member of at least one of the recognized extra/co-curricular organizations to the extent that his scholastic standing will allow.

Clubs or organizations that are co-curricular in nature are extension of classroom activities and are not open for membership to all. The rest would fall under extra-curricular, with general membership open to all students.


  • Association of Computer Engineering Students
  • Association of Future Secretaries
  • Louisian Institute of Future Educators
  • Business Managers Association of the Philippines
  • Institute of Integral Electrical Engineering Students
  • English Club
  • Filipino Klab
  • Geodetic Engineering Students’ Association
  • History Club
  • Institute of Electronics and Communications Engineering Students
  • Junior Finance Executives
  • Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants
  • Louisian Computer Club
  • Louisian Mathematics Society
  • Louisian Health & Home Economics Club
  • Marketing Mixers
  • Philippine Institute of Civil Engineering Students
  • Physical Education Club
  • Political Science Society
  • The Louisian Philosophy Circle
  • The Louisian Science Club
  • United Architects of the Philippines – Student Auxiliary


  • Circle of Friends
  • Government Scholars & Grantees Association
  • Louisian Dance Club
  • Liberal Arts Students Organization
  • Louisian Women’s Club
  • Peer Counselors’ Association
  • Red Cross Youth
  • Young Men’s Association
  • United Cordillera Student Cultural Organization