Senior High School

The University of Saint Louis Senior High School Department welcomes all students who can meet its admission requirements.
  1. He/She is a Junior High School completer.
  2. He/She passes the placement examination and other academic requirements.
  3. He/She can fully subscribe to the objectives, policies and Catholic orientation of the school.
  4. He/She follows/respects the religious instructions and activities in the school.
  5. He/She is willing to participate/attend in all religious activities that are required of the students regardless of religious affiliation.
  6. He/She is willing to participate/attend in all school activities.
  7. He/She must be single and of corresponding age to his/her level.
  8. He/She is of good moral behavior.
The University of Saint Louis Senior High School refuses admission, readmission or enrollment of a student for such reasons as:
  1. Limited facilities of the school
  2. Applicant’s poor academic qualification or performance
  3. Applicant’s lack of moral or behavioral fitness
  4. Applicant’s involvement in any pre-marital or marital relationship
  5. Applicant’s views and practices contrary to the Catholic orientation of the school, and
  6. Applicant’s lack of ecumenical bond with the Catholic Church
  7. Applicant’s parents’ deliberate or advertent lack of cooperation and collaboration with the school
  8. Applicant and with his/her parent’s non-attendance to required year and Growth Session
The school reserves the right at any time to refuse admission of students under certain conditions stated above and stated in the succeeding provisions of the USL-SHS Student Handbook.
  1. Placement Examination

  2. Applicants must submit the following during the scheduled dates:
    1. Photocopy of Form 138-A marked eligible for admission to Senior High School with an average of at least 80% and above and with no failing grade in every quarter.
    2. Two (2) copies of the most recent close-up 2 x 2 ID picture with a white background and name tag, proper attire and proper hair cut (male).
    3. Must pay the testing Fee (non-refundable) at the Accounting Office.
    4. Clear photocopy of NSO Certificate of Live Birth
  3. Enrollment

    1. Must have passed the placement examination
    2. Must submit the following:
      • confirmation of placement exam
      • original copy of Form 138-A
      • certified true copy of NSO Certificate of Live Birth
      • 1 copy of most recent close-up 2 x 2 ID picture with a white background and name tag, proper attire and proper haircut (male)/ proper hairstyle (female)
    3. Children of USL employees are given priority for admission. However, failure to meet all academic requirements at the end of Grade 11 will mean non-readmission for the next school year.

    4. NOTE: Failure to enroll on the scheduled dates will mean the forfeiture of the slot.
  1. For Late Enrollees. A late enrollee is a student who enrolls after the scheduled date of enrolment and such student shall pay a charge of P 200.00 at the Accounting Office.
  2. A student who discontinued his studies and who did not obtain honorable dismissal, or its equivalent or certificate of transfer, or transcript of records (Form 138-A) from the school shall be admitted if he meets the following requirements:
    1. submission of original copy of report card (Form 138-A) for the preceding school year, marked eligible for admission to the curriculum year in which the student is supposed to enroll, duly signed by the Principal, not previously marked by any other institution
    2. copy of most recent close-up 2 x 2 ID picture with white background and name tag
    3. medical certificate of fitness to study if leave is due to health condition
    4. sworn affidavit for his/her reason of leave of school

All Junior High School completers who come from any recognized Junior High School in the Philippines and who have not attended any Senior High School prior to their application for admission to the USL must meet the following requirements above.