1. one(1) Original and one(1) photocopy of Form 138 (4th Year Card) marked Eligible for Admission to College
  2. two(2) copies of recent colored ID Picture (2×2) with white background
  3. One(1) Original and One(1) Photocopy of the National Career Achievement Examination (NCAE) result
  4. Certificate of Good Moral Character
  5. Result of USL Placement Examination
  6. Certificate of Live Birth from NSO (2 clear photocopies)
  7. if married, submit a church marriage contract.

* Incoming College Freshmen who have met all requirements for admission are admitted in the office of the Dean of Student Affairs.

(those who did not obtain an honorable dismissal)

Must submit their grades of previous terms and their ID cards. However the following regulations will be observed:

  1. students who failed in 50-69% of their enrolled units during their last term will be deloaded of subjects upon the discretion of the Academic Dean. Those who failed in 70% or more on their units will no longer be re-admitted.
  2. students who have been declared “EVADERS” by the ROTC may be refused admission to the college and will have to see the Dean of Student Affairs first.
  3. a student who dropped officially all subjects, may be re-admitted upon submission of the necessary requirements asked of him by the Admission Officer.
  4. former USL students who discontinued their studies for one semester or more, without valid reason or prior permission, may be refused admission, since education must be continuous. If accepted, they will have to fulfill the requirements applicable to transfer students.
  5. Students who failed twice in a professional subject shall be required to shift to another course that is less demanding.
  6. Students who failed thrice in a non-professional subject shall not be re-admitted.
  1. Certificate of eligibility to transfer
  2. Certified true copy of grades from previous school (with no failing grades, no dropped subjects and no incomplete grades)
  3. Certificate of good moral character
  4. Police clearance
  5. Two (2) clear photocopies of NSO birth certificate
  6. Four (4) copies 2×2 colored ID pictures with white background
  7. Certification from any USL employee to serve as guarantor/guardian
  8. Photocopy of church marriage certificate (if married)
* A Committee on Transferees, consisting of the Dean of Student Affairs as Chairman, the Academic Deans and the Guidance Coordinator as members, deliberates on the applicants for transfer after having submitted all required documents. The same committee recommends result of deliberation to the College President for final approval. Only then can transferees be admitted officially in the office of the Dean of Student Affairs.

(from another school to USL)

  1. must submit permit to cross enrol from home school;
  2. must submit certificate of good moral character
  3. allowed to enroll only during the last three (3) days of enrollment so as not to jeopardize the chances of the Louisian students from taking the same subject/s during the term.

(from USL to another school)

  • No major/professional subjects are allowed to be taken in other schools. However, if exceptions are made, they should enroll only in accredited schools.
  • Basic subjects are allowed to be taken only in accredited / sister schools.
  • Students must have valid reasons for cross enrolling.

USL reserves the right to drop, dismiss and not re-admit any student who uses fake records or misrepresents facts during enrollment and/or during the school year.

A student is supposed to enroll subjects of the curricular year to which he belongs. Students are allowed to enroll the number of units they can conveniently carry, but should not be less than 15 units. Working students who come only after 5:00 P.M. and graduating students (those on their last subjects) are exempted from the minimum unit requirement.

Proper Procedure of Dropping of all Subjects/Withdrawal of Enrollment. A student who wants to drop all his subjects should:

  • get a form from the Academic Dean’s office
  • state reason/s for withdrawing from enrollment / dropping of all subjects
  • pay dropping fee and surrender the following to the DSA office:Decision is indicated (officially dropped or unofficially dropped)
    1. Student I.D. card
    2. Classcards
    3. Student handbook
    4. Clearance form duly accomplished by all offices
  • Office of the DSA, Registrar, Accounting, Dean and Applicant are given copies of the filled-up form.

PVAO, Government Scholars, Study Now Pay Later Plan beneficiaries who submit the necessary supporting papers are allowed to enroll without payment of fees (except for the items not included in the P.V.A.O. benefits in the case of such beneficiaries), provided the supporting agency is up-to-date in the payment of the students account to the school; otherwise the student concerned pays as other students do for the current semester. Such payment will be refunded upon receipt of payment from the sponsor.