SLCT alumnus soars to new heights

In the hallowed halls of Saint Louis College Tuguegarao, a young student stood out as a beacon of leadership and academic excellence.

Dr. Chester B. Cabalza, an alumnus of the Class of 1995, left a remarkable mark during his time at Saint Louis College. Serving as the President of the 4th Year Franklin Roosevelt and taking on the role of Academic Section Coordinator of the Science Club, he displayed early signs of leadership and an unquenchable thirst for knowledge.

Today, Dr. Cabalza is not only a renowned scholar but also the President and Founder of the International Development and Security Cooperation (IDSC). His journey to this prestigious position was marked by a series of significant roles, including serving as the Executive Fellow of the Council of Fellows and Vice President for the Center of Research and Strategic Studies at the Development Academy of the Philippines.

In addition to his administrative roles, Dr. Cabalza is also deeply committed to education. He imparts his wisdom and expertise as a professor in the graduate school at the University of the Philippines Department of Anthropology in Diliman. As the Faculty-in-Charge at the Development Academy of the Philippines, he continues to inspire and mentor future leaders.

He is widely recognized as the ‘father of security anthropology’ in Southeast Asia. His groundbreaking dissertation on the discourse between anthropology and security has paved the way for a new field of study. He has also published numerous scholastic papers that bridge the gap between these two disciplines.

Dr. Cabalza’s work has taken him around the world. He has published extensively in peer-reviewed local and international journals within the realm of security studies. His expertise has led him to present his research and lead delegations in a plethora of countries, including Australia, New Zealand, Turkey, Estonia, Finland, Spain, India, China, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Dubai, Qatar, the United States, France, the Netherlands, and all ten ASEAN countries.
To further his commitment to knowledge dissemination, Dr. Cabalza has co-authored books on critical subjects. Notably, “The Rise of Philippinedization: Philippinedization is not Finlandization” and “Perspectives on Terrorism in the Philippine Context” have added substantial insights to the academic world.

Further, Dr. Cabalza is yet to launch his upcoming book entitled “The New Middle Powers of Southeast Asia.”

As he continues to ascend the ladder of success, his journey serves as a source of inspiration for aspiring leaders and scholars. His remarkable journey from a student leader at Saint Louis College Tuguegarao to becoming a global force in the fields of anthropology, security, and international development is a testament to the extraordinary heights one can reach with vision, perseverance, and a resolute commitment to knowledge and development.

President and Founder of the Manila-based think tank
International Development and Security Cooperation (IDSC)
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