SEAIDITE sets interface lab to bolster student learning

The School of Engineering, Architecture, Interior Design and Information Technology Education (SEAIDITE), through its Computer Engineering-Information Technology Education (CPE-ITE) program, set an interface laboratory for practical uses such as simulations, experiments and research-related purposes of the engineering and information technology students.

According to Mr. Jay Ventura, CPE-ITE program chair, the SEAIDITE firmly believes that to elevate students’ performance, they must be provided with conducive classrooms and configured laboratories to bolster higher learning and boost student engagement in the teaching-learning process.

The University of Saint Louis (USL) financed the establishment of the interface laboratory including the purchase of computer units, procurement of chairs and tables, and other needed materials to set up the aforementioned laboratory.

“The interface laboratory has 17 computer units fully equipped with the latest software and microprocessors to have faster speed of internet connection,” Mr. Ventura said.

The said new interface laboratory provides hands-on training to the students in harnessing their computer skills. It also helps the students to understand concepts, apply theories, and discover new things as they learn by themselves.

Mr. Ventura likewise mentioned that the students can also do their research works and projects inside the laboratory.

“The students can access the internet [in the laboratory], but we have to make sure that there should be restrictions to social media sites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc.,” Mr. Ventura added.