SEAIDITE produces 2 topnotchers, 1st professional EE

The School of Engineering, Architecture, Interior Design, and Information Technology Education (SEAIDITE) has made name again – with two of its 2017 graduates landing top places in their respective licensure exams and a 1998 graduate becoming a Professional Electrical Engineer.

Engr. Jeromie S. Salas ranked seventh (7th) in the October 2017 Geodetic Licensure Examination. Engr. Richard S. Balingway placed eighth (8th) in the September 2017 Registered Master Electrician (RME) Licensure Examination. The latter, by virtue of passing the RME exam, is a registered master electrician, but by passing likewise the Registered Electrical Engineer (REE) Licensure Examination in September 2017, he is a registered electrical engineer.

Meanwhile, the University boasts of its first ever professional electrical engineer, Engr. Dexter S. Carinugan, who passed the September 2017 Technical Evaluation for the Upgrading as Professional Electrical Engineers (PEE).

Engr. Carinugan is the president and country manager of Enercon Systems International Philippines.

The licensure exams and technical evaluation mentioned were all administered by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC).

Engr. Jeromie S. Salas
Engr. Richard S. Balingway
Engr. Dexter S. Carinugan