SEAIDITE aces ALE with nat’l topnotcher

The School of Engineering, Architecture, Interior Design, and Information Technology Education (SEAIDITE) has another name to add in the University of Saint Louis’ roster of national topnotchers.

Arch. Joben Miguel Contillo landed eighth place in the June 2018 Architect Licensure Examination (ALE) administered by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC).

Meanwhile, the SEAIDITE also produced 34 other architects who, all together with Contillo, registered a 74.47 percent passing rate for USL.

Following are the other USL graduates who made it to the list of new architects: Arch. Juanito Alejandro, Arch. Michael Ariola, Arch. Melowin Asuncion, Arch. Julianne Clarisse Bangayan, Arch. Mark Anthony Bebania, Arch. Mark Philip Berbano, Arch. Maria Angelica Damaso, Arch. Maria Kristine Kate De Leon, Arch. James Xyrill Furigay, Arch. Joyce Gacias, Arch. Arlene Gamboa, Arch. John Mark Gonzales, Arch. Javier Gutierrez, Arch. John Paul Ibay, Arch. Mark Aubrey Ignacio, Arch. John Mark Invierno, Arch. Allan Javillonar, Arch. John Alexis Lun.

Also in the list are: Arch. John Geron Medrano, Arch. Erika Pagaran, Arch. Judy Royce Pagulayan, Arch. Paulene Pajarillo, Arch. Jyzlle Kate Payba, Arch. Jed Plata, Arch. Princess Mae Secretario, Arch. Apol Joy Somejo, Arch. Karla Joy Tabalanza, Arch. Dorothy Rachel Tabbu, Arch. Anna Monica Taguba, Arch. Teacharch Tibuc, Arch. Jherome Turaray, Arch. Krischan Pong Unciano, Arch. Mike Jay Valones, and Arch. Elxristine Villanueva.

Most of the 35 architects are from the BS Architecture Class of 2016.