Research Linkages


The Unlad-Dunong Center shall continuously coordinate with the Academic Deans/ Principals to deliberate on the following agenda:

  • Assessment of the needs of the department as bases for proposal of research project; and
  • Assistance in the design, conduct and interpretation of the research requirement and feasibility studies of the different internal bodies


The Unlad-Dunong Center shall establish linkages with other research centers within and outside the region, government and non- government agencies and funding agencies for support in terms of resources and funding. Networking strategies shall include:

  • Participation to seminars-workshop, conferences, paper presentation sponsored by duly recognized organizations.
  • Communication with public and private organizations for the possibility of tie-up regarding the conduct of researches.
  • Sharing of resources with other organizations.

The USL Research Office is officially called the Unlad-Dunong Center. It is governed by the USLT Research Council, which acts as the policy-making body and is chaired by the Vice President for Academic Affairs. The Unlad-Dunong Center is under the direct administration of the Research and Development Director, who is assisted by the Members of the Research Executive Committee.