A Director and a Secretary man the Community Extension Services Center. The Academic Extension and Outreach Coordinators assist the CES staff in the implementation and coordination of all extension and outreach activities.

CES Director

  • Heads the Kapatiran Mission Center/Community Extension Services Center
  • Plans, organizes, and directs community extension services both within and outside the school in coordination with the Vice-President for Administration, the other offices, and student organizations
  • Establishes external contacts and negotiates for possible external funding of community extension projects of the school, particularly those relating to non-formal education
  • Motivates and encourages faculty and student participation in different extension/outreach activities planned
  • Coordinates with the Dean of Student Affairs all student organization community outreach activities and schedules these activities for implementation
  • Schedules all outreach activities of the school including those extended to other institutions, agencies and barangays other than the client-partner barangays
  • Prepares annual needs of the office for inclusion of the annual budget
  • Submits an Annual Report, including other reports as may be required, to the Vice President for Administration and the University President
  • Performs other community extension duties the University President or Vice-President for Administration may deem necessary.

Academic Outreach Coordinators

The Academic Outreach Coordinator for every school/college is appointed by the President subject to the confirmation of Board of Trustees. The Academic Outreach Coordinator is directly supervised by his Academic Dean and is part of the Dean’s Council.

  • Initiates co-curricular outreach undertaking in the school he belongs
  • Assists the faculty in his school in planning, integrating and implementing extension activities in line with the courses they teach if appropriate
  • Explores linkage arrangements with agencies/institutions in relation to the extension activities of his school/college