1. Charity. This refers to the gift- giving programs of the University. The University organizes charity programs guided by the principle of reciprocity. The giver and the receiver should both benefit from the programs as the latter showcase their talents in a program organized for the gift-giving. The Charity services of the university are spearheaded by the Pastoral Center of the University. Three charity services are conducted annually. These services include “Alay Pasko”, “Paskong Pambata”, and Distribution of School Supplies for Assisted Day Care/ DKLC pupils.
  2. Health and Wellness. This service enhances the quality of life through improving the health profile of the partner- communities. Health and Wellness services are spearheaded by the College of Health and Allied Sciences (CHAS). The University has a semestral conduct of Health Education to its partner communities. Though Medical- Dental Mission which is conducted twice a year is naturally a charity program, this strengthens the University’s campaign towards health and wellness.
  3. Education and Citizenship. This service seeks to promote education as a tool towards empowerment, hence, developing individuals as active citizens of the community/ nation. The School of Education, Arts and Sciences; Grade School; and High School spearhead programs on Education and Citizenship. Programs like Functional Literacy, Citizenship Education, Cultural Literacy, Professional Development and Training fall under this program.
  4. Environmental and Social Advocacies. This service strongly supports a certain cause. The University’s advocacy on Environment through its Tree Legacy Program and River and Cave Clean Up, advocacy to promote life through its Blood-letting Activity, advocacy to support green living through its Backyard Gardening, and advocacy on Human Rights are some of the University’s programs under this service.
  5. Resource and Entrepreneurship. This service aims to develop partner communities’ own potentials, capabilities and resources for self- reliance like transfer of technology and know- how.  It is through this service that the University trains its partner communities on business, entrepreneurship and marketing which will consequently lead to sustainable livelihoods. This satisfies the thrust of the University in empowering the community and its people. These programs are spearheaded by the School of Business Administration and Accountancy (SBAA); School of Engineering, Architecture and Fine Arts (SEAFA); and College of Health and Allied Sciences (CHAS).
  6. Spiritual Formation and Enrichment. This service promotes growth and development of the whole person by a purposeful focus on spiritual life, interactions with others in usual life and spiritual practices. Catechesis, Celebration of Holy Masses and other sacraments, recollections and other spiritual formation activities are specific programs under this service. The Pastoral Center through the Department of Philosophy and Religious Instruction spearheads programs under this service.