Center for Social Innovation, Local Knowledge, Educational Research and Innovation

Darin Jan Tindowen

The Center is responsible in the promotion of social and environmental change to the community through research, education and experiential learning in order to strengthen the capacity of individuals and communities in providing innovative solutions to complex social problems.

Research Agenda

  1. Social Sciences

    1. Politics and Governance
    2. Rural and Urban Sustainable Development
    3. Human Rights and Social Justice
    4. Psychology and Behavioral Studies
    5. Environmental Studies
    6. Local Government
    7. Poverty Index and Alleviation
  2. Educational Research and Innovation

    1. Outcomes-based Education
    2. Educational Psychology
    3. Curriculum and Instruction
    4. Alternative Delivery Systems
    5. Internationalization of Education
    6. Educational Leadership and Management
    7. Basic Education
    8. Higher Education Issues and Challenges
    9. Inclusive Education
    10. ICT Integration in Education
  3. Religion, Louisian and CICM Spirituality

    1. Religious Education
    2. CICM Studies
    3. Justice, Peace, and Integrity of Creation
    4. Ecumenism and Interreligious Dialogue
  4. Local Knowledge and Cagayano Development

    1. Cultural Studies and Local History
    2. Indigenous Studies
    3. Cagayano Studies and Development
    4. Ethnobiological Studies