Office of the Vice President for Mission and Identity

Office of the Vice President for Mission and Identity
The office of the VPMI ensures that every Louisian is given an opportunity to be a living witness of Christ guided by the CICM Charism.

The Office of the Vice President for Mission and Identity is the prime mover of Christian Formation as the Heart and Soul of the University for the promotion of the CICM Mission and Identity.

Objectives On Religious Instruction
  1. To facilitate and guide the understanding and knowledge of the Catholic faith and its relevance to life.
  2.  To ensure that moments of learning will help the students clarify existential and moral questions, deepen their connection with God, celebrate faith, maximize their talents, heighten their social consciousness and take active part in social ministries.
On Liturgical and Sacramental Ministry
  1. To assist in the journey of faith manifested through celebrations of liturgical and Sacramental services.
  2. To foster communion with the Lord and offer space and time for them to express their Christian Vocation in our different liturgical activities.
On Social Action
  1. To witness to one’s faith journey through loving service to others.
  2. To offer to the entire Institution opportunities to express concretely our CICM missionary vocation by service and action.
  3. To give ground and inspiration to our students to carry out such ministry even after their academic years as they share and keep alive their Louisian–CICM missionary vocation to serve.
  4. To build relationship with non-governmental and governmental institutions or groups as to promote service and missionary activities.
  5. To bring consciousness to all of our many blessings in life and be inspired to share them to the less fortunate as we reach out to them.