USL Libraries serves more online resources on every Louisian-researcher’s platter

The University of Saint Louis Libraries has expanded its array of online resources through the CICM Consortium, a library group established in April 2011, purposely for engagement in collaborative acquisition of online resources.

This year’s lineup of USL Libraries’ foreign online resource subscriptions include: (1) EBSCOHost; (2) Gale Databases, which contain premium online resource information along various fields; (3) Clinical Key; (4) STATdx; (5) Science Direct; (6) Acland Anatomy; (7) McGraw Hill: Access Medicine;  (8) McGraw Hill: Access Pharmacy; (9) McGraw Hill: Access Science;  (10) Alexander Street, which contains a huge number of educational videos; (11) HeinOnline for law; (12) McGraw Hill: Access Engineering; and (13) Press Reader, which is a collection of online periodical titles.

USL Libraries likewise subscribes to two (2) local online resources, namely: Philippine e-Journal for Applied Research and Development (PeJARD) and Philippine E-Journals, as well as online research tools such as: Scopus, which is the largest abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed scientific journals, books and conference proceedings”; Grammarly, which is a tool to “check for a writer’s adherence to more than 250 grammar rules”; and PlagScan, which is an “online plagiarism detection platform in real time.” 

Access to these resources, coupled with the services of committed USL librarians, helps enrich the research culture in the University.