USL is Top 3 Electrical Engineering school nationwide

The University of Saint Louis made it again!

USL takes pride in its latest feat – ranking number three nationwide in the September 2013 Electrical Engineer Licensure Examination.

USL posted a passing rate of 94.12 percent, higher than the national 53.64 passing percentage.

The University extends its congratulations to the following new Registered Electrical Engineers:

  1. Christian Louie B. Adora
  2. Mark Lester E. Bayaua
  3. Paul Jared R. Daluping
  4. Joycebert B. Gonzales
  5. Michael A. Lagundi
  6. Richard Wesley B. Mabag
  7. Mc Klavell-Elgenio R. Mancilla
  8. Jonnel A. Maramag
  9. Christian Robert C. Marcos
  10. Jehomar S. Pablo
  11. Silver Don C. Pascual
  12. Marvin L. Ramones
  13. Joel D. Sagadraca
  14. Karl Austine D. Saquing
  15. Jaylord S. Sumait
  16. John Ralph U. Vega