SICS pursues TESDA Accreditation

Aristotle Dumayag

Mr. Aristotle Dumayag

The School of Information and Computing Sciences (SICS) sent Mr. Aristotle Dumayag to the Trainer’s Training Methodology Program held from June 4 to June 22 at the TESDA Provincial Office, Tuguegarao City.

Mrs. Luisa Aquino, the SICS Dean remarked that Mr. Dumayag’s attendance to the program is the first step in achieving the department’s goal of applying as a servicing center for TESDA NC-II Computer Hardware Servicing examinations, while the department is still in the process of preparing its faculty and facilities.

“NC-II Computer Hardware Servicing is a national certification,” said Mrs. Aquino. “For our case, it’s more of an elective subject already offered to our students. Though an IT graduate is not confined to being a computer technician, and instead more inclined to being a programmer, IT or IS developer, troubleshooting is a basic competency expected of all IT graduates.”

Once SICS is accredited as a Competency Assessment Center, an applicant may apply to take the Computer Hardware Servicing Exam by submitting an application to the department at any time of the year.

Computer Hardware Servicing can also be considered as a specialization for senior high school students, engaged in the new K to 12 program, in the future.

NC-II Computer Hardware Servicing Certificate holders, including high school seniors who have attained the certificate can be employed as computer mechanics, computer service technicians or computer network servicemen.