Masuli hailed as storytelling champion

Charmaine C. Masuli, USL librarian and Region 02’s representative, was hailed as champion in the storytelling contest – professional category conducted by the Philippine Librarians Association Inc. (PLAI) in celebration of the 82nd National Book Week (NBW) in the country. The activity was held at the National Library of the Philippines (NLP) on Oct. 12, 2016.

Masuli charmed her audience while telling the story “May Gulong na Bahay” written by Genaro Gojo Cruz and illustrated by Paul Imbong. When asked about the importance of storytelling, the champion-storyteller said, “Storytelling is a great academic and recreational activity for it does not only promote learning and reading, but encourages imagination as well. I particularly like interactive storytelling and I used it during the contest to involve the audience in my story. I believe that having a connection with listeners or audience is important in making an impact.”

Masuli is set to be honored during the NBW Awarding Ceremonies on Nov. 24, 2016 at the NLP.