Empowering ITE educators – USL hosts Microsoft Education Roadshow

Last Sept. 9-10, 2016, the University of Saint Louis (USL) hosted the Microsoft Education Roadshow which aimed to update participants with new trends in technology, introduce new Microsoft technological solutions, and scout educators to be trained as Microsoft Ambassadors.

The topics during the two-day event included: Academic Curriculum of Microsoft, Microsoft Certification Tracks, Educational Apps for Schools, How to Save Money in Academic Licensing, and School Partnership.

Participants were IT educators from Region 02 and some from Baguio City.

According to Mr. Sander T. Sedano, Information Technology Education Program Chair of the School of Engineering, Architecture, Interior Design, and Information Technology Education (SEAIDITE), the concerns raised by the delegates during the event were on software licensing issues, practicality issues of Microsoft software, and advantages of being an Ambassador.

Moreover, the following USL faculty and staff participants passed the screening program for Microsoft Ambassadors: Mrs. Luisa Aquino, Mr. Elton John Emmanuel Bagne, Miss Diane Jenalyn Datul, Mr. Aristotle Dumayag, Mr. Amancio Novo, Mr. Michael John Rodriguez, Mr. Wilcar Saturno, Mr. Sander Sedano, Mrs. Marife Tibule, Mr. Abrito Torida, Jr., Mr. Windelle John Vega, Mr. Joseph Ventura, and Mrs. Lorena Ventura.

Consequently, USL hosted the three-day Microsoft Ambassadors’ Training on Oct. 13-15, 2016, attendees of which were from Region 02 and Baguio City as well.

“Microsoft Ambassadors conduct training for educators to equip them with the necessary soft skills needed for them to become more competent. They spearhead the widest dissemination of the best technologies offered by Microsoft that can be best applied in teaching and learning,” Mr. Sedano explained.