Embodying the CICM Mission and Identity

The University of Saint Louis (USL) as one of the schools of the Congregation of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (Congregatio Immaculati Cordis Mariae or CICM) in the Philippines continues to embody the CICM mission and identity.  

Seeing the potent role of schools for Christian evangelization, the CICM, an international community of religious missionaries dedicated to the Incarnate Word under the aegis of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, has been massively influential in the Philippines since 1907 through their educational apostolate.
Rev. Fr. Silva, CICM
Recently, the Office of the Vice President for Mission and Identity (VPMI) has been created, an office common among all CICM schools in the Philippines, as a mandate from the CICM Philippine Provincial Government through the initiative of Rev. Fr. Ramon P. Caluza, CICM, the CICM-RP Provincial Superior.

The first appointed VPMI in USL is Rev. Fr. Thiago O. Silva, CICM, who is also the current University Chaplain. Together with the Center for Christian Formation and the Campus Ministry Coordinator, Miss Thelma C. Baricaua, the Office of the VPMI completed some notable accomplishments for the school year 2015-2016, to foster the University’s mission and core values that bespeak the CICM mission and identity.

Physical Developments

Last November 27, 2015, when the USL community and some CICM fathers from Region II commemorated the CICM Day in USL, the newly structured Theophile Verbist statue located adjacent to the CICM Building was blessed. According to Miss Baricaua, the image reminds the Louisian community to acknowledge the “missionary spirit” exemplified by the CICM founder.

Good Shepherd Chapel
Another development was the naming of the University Chapel into “Good Shepherd Chapel” last December 8, 2015. The Chapel’s name was inspired by the example of Christ who “lays down his life for his sheep.” The Statue of the Good Shepherd placed on the front of the chapel was procured years back with the help of the late Fr. Clement Daelman, CICM, and his family
Fr. Theophile Verbist Statue

Mission Fund Drive
As reported by the Office of the Vice President for Mission and Identity/ University Chaplain this school year 2015-2016, the Mission Collection Drive for SY 2014-2015 amounted to P2,528,397.95 which was distributed to the CICM Mission Stations of CICM Philippines and CICM Abroad (P1,717,157.95), for Special Education Assistance (P350,000.00), for the Pontifical Mission Society care of Archbishop Sergio L. Utleg, D.D. (P250,000.00), for the CICM Animation (P111, 240.00), and for the Alay Pasko of the University of Saint Louis (P100,000.00).

Recollections by CICM Priests
Being faithful to the Christian formation of the Louisian community, Fr. Silva invited some of his fellow CICM fathers as recollection masters in the persons of Rev. Fr. Caluza, CICM, Rev. Fr. Marcio Martins, CICM (taking up his master’s degree in Brazil), and Rev. Fr. Nemesio Huesca, CICM (Director, CICM Philippine Mission Center). They all presented recollection lectures and shared their experiences as missionaries.

Rev. Fr. Caluza, CICM
Rev. Fr. Martins, CICM
Rev. Fr. Huesca, CICM

CICM General Superior’s canonical visit in USL

Rev. Fr. Timothy W. Atkin, CICM, the General Superior of the entire CICM Congregation in the world, had a canonical visit in USL during the Easter Sunday Mass Celebration last March 27, 2016 at the Good Shepherd Chapel.

“It’s a blessing that the General Superior celebrated the Easter Sunday with us together with other CICM Fathers… a very rare occasion,” shared by Miss Baricaua.

During his visit, Fr. Atkin was welcomed by Rev. Fr. Rex C. Salvilla, CICM Liaison Officer to USL, Rev. Fr. Silva, CICM, English Language Fellow Miss Cerise Santoro, some members of the Administration, and the campus ministers.
“His visit is an affirmation of our mission and identity as CICM institution,” Rev. Fr. Silva said.

“Let us always carry out our very Louisian identity and spirituality which is serving one another, supporting one another, growing in faith and academics, and embracing our vocation. Once a Louisian, always a missionary,” Fr. Silva also said expressing his message to the Louisian community to continually embody their mission and identity.

Rev. Fr. Atkin, CICM