EGEP Team Evaluates USL Graduate School

The EGEP (Evaluation for Graduate Education in the Philippines) team visited USL to assess its Graduate School Programs last February 5, 2004. This year’s team was composed of the following evaluators : Dr. Dionisia Rola, team leader; Dr. Gloria Salandanan, for Teacher Education; Dr. Mila Ang, for Business Education.; Dr. Eusebio Miclat Jr., for Public Administration; Dr. Antonio Talamayan represented CHED and Miss Vangie Domondon represented FAPE.

The visit started with the courtesy call of the evaluators to the OIC President, Fr. Manny Valencia, then the briefing. Dr. Emmanuel James Pattaguan, the OIC Vice President for Administration presented the members of the administration, professors, students and GSSA officers present. Dr. Rola presented the members of her team. She emphasized the role of the EGEP in higher learning, focusing on the things that they are going to do. According to her, the Graduate School being the beacon of knowledge in higher education should also be focused on honing such with research and extension.

The interview and assessment followed. It was obvious that they were targeting research, for the questions were focused on this area. The Director of the Unlad Dunong Center, Dr. Pedro Lavadia, Dr. Melnida Castillo and Mr. Ferdinand Cortez were grilled with questions. The graduate school was prepared for such.

The professors were also interviewed, like Dr. Angela Abiqui, Prof. Julita Addun and the Dean himself, and as well other members of the administration, after which the evaluators pored over the exhibits and the manuscripts. It was then a moment of truth for the Professors and the Dean Dr. Dante Pasicolan, as the team browsed exhibits and manuscripts.

The wrap up followed, where each member of the EGEP team gave her observations. Generally, we made it with flying colors.