Dr. Pattaguan attends celebration of US Independence Day in Baguio

Dr. Emmanuel James Pattaguan, the Vice President for Academics, attended on July 11, 2013 the United States of America’s Independence Day celebration held in the residence of U.S. Ambassador Harry K. Thomas, Jr.’s official residence in Baguio City. The actual date of US Independence Day is July 4.  

The University of St. Louis (USL) received an invitation to the event because of the school’s partnership with the US Embassy, and because of the school’s hosting of a lecture on American culture held on March 21, 2013, in the Bulwagang Andres Nowe of the University.

According to Dr. Pattaguan, USL was one of the few schools who were invited to participate in the celebration of the American Independence Day.

“I asked for approval to go because I wanted to link with other non-government organizations (NGOs), government organizations, and other academic officers from different schools in the country, for academic partnership and/or cooperation,” said Dr. Pattaguan.