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Planning, Development, Quality Assurance, and Accreditation Office created

Attuned to the direction of the University President for a global Catholic Education, the office for Planning, Development, Quality Assurance, and Accreditation (PDQAA) was created in Summer of this year.  [...]

Local Knowledge across Cultures

Miss Almacita C. Paj-dio, the Center for Alternative Learning (CAL) director, attended the International Camp hosted by Soegijapranata Catholic University in Semarang, Indonesia last May 23-25, 2012. The camp was [...]

CaAKAp Librarians Association, USL Libraries conduct forum

The role of libraries in academic institutions is unbeatable because the library is the heart of the school, is primed-responsive and accessible source of print and non-print information. Having said [...]

USL honors 25 service awardees

Mr. Benito Paj-dio (left) receives a handshake from Father President Eugene A. Arco, CICM. To give recognition for their long years of service, the University honored 25 service awardees this [...]
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