Accredited Programs reach Level IV

Six (6) undergraduate programs of the University were granted the highest accreditation status by the Philippine Accrediting Association of Schools, Colleges and Universities (PAASCU), an organization that accredits programs which meet standards of quality education. The Level IV PAASCU-accredited programs of the University are:  Accountancy, Business Administration, Civil Engineering, Elementary Teacher Education, Secondary Teacher Education, and Liberal Arts.

The six programs were found by PAASCU to be eligible for Level IV status for having two (2) consecutive clean slates of Level III status.  Upon the invitation of PAASCU, the University submitted the needed Level IV documents on the following five major criteria: (1) Research, (2) Teaching and Learning, (3) Community Services, (4) Linkages and Consortia, and (5) Planning Process.

USL is the first and only Higher Education Institution (HEI) in Region 2 granted Level IV status and one of the very few HEIs in the entire country accorded the status.

The Level IV accredited programs will still be subject to resurvey visits to ensure that quality standards are maintained by these programs.

In addition to the Level IV accredited programs, USL has other PAASCU-accredited programs: Level II status for its Electrical Engineering and High School Programs and Accredited Status for its Information Technology and Computer Science programs. 

The Nursing and Grade School programs are scheduled for formal visits this school year while the High School department is scheduled for a Resurvey Visit. Passing the Resurvey visit will make the High School department eligible to apply for Level III Accredited Status, the highest level for High School programs.