Mental health awareness promoted among Louisians

The College Guidance and Counseling Center has launched its mental health awareness program for students in the University with the theme: “Sound Mind and Sound Body: Synergy for Louisian Students’ Well-Being,” as part of its advocacy in line with the National Mental Health Awareness celebrated every October all over the world.

Slogan and poster making contests were conducted last Oct.13, 2017 to jumpstart the program.

All the slogans and posters are posted at the side of the former Dean of Student Affairs Office to be used as background for a picture-taking contest through the USL Facebook page (

Moreover, a symposium was held on Oct. 21, 2017 for the official launching of the program in the University. The participants were the University student leaders from academic and non-academic organizations and other identified students.

Mental Health Awareness symposium

Seminars will also be conducted every Friday at 10:30-12:00 from November 2017 to February 2018.





Target Participants

What It Takes to be Happy November 10, 2017 Renz Marion Gavino AB and Education students
Practicing Acts of Kindness and Generosity November 10, 2017 Herbert Corpuz SEAIDITE students
Willingness beyond Difficulties November 17, 2017 Melanie Buco SABH students(BSBA)
Resiliency: Overcoming Life Challenges November 24, 2017 Engr. Ariel Lorenzo Health Sciences students
Creating a Positive Environment: Understand Emotional Quotient November 24, 2017  Franchette Baccay SABH students(BSAc, BSMA &


How Full is Your Emotional Cup? Discover Possibilities of Nurturing Yourself January 2018 Ma. Haydee Guillermo SEAIDITE students
Strengthening Self-Esteem: Ways of Boosting Self Confidence February 2018 Benia Ramos SABH students(HTM & HRM)

*SEAIDITE     –           School of Engineering, Architecture, Interior Design, and Information 
Technology Education

 SABH             –           School of Accountancy, Business and Hospitality