Louisians clinch top spot at regional e-comics making tilt

Three students of the University of Saint Louis (USL) once again proved their prowess in arts as they emerged victorious in the Regional e-Comics Making Competition on Oct. 22, 2020.

The USL Team, who is composed of Architecture students, namely: Shane Q. Dela Cruz, Jerico A. Turo and John Nicole H. Dacanay, garnered first place in the said competition.

Their e-comic titled “Earpods” is the region’s entry for the National e-Comics Competition under the topic Deceptive Sales Act and Practices.

“Earpods” is a nine-page comic strip that narrates the deceptive nature of online shopping.

The e-comic series revolves on the story of Juan and Kalabaw about the disadvantage of purchasing products from unauthorized online sellers. The story reminds people to prioritize their needs over their wants as well as encourages consumers to support local products.

It also suggests that people should review the profile of online sellers before transacting with them and presents proper redress mechanisms in solving product delivery issues.

“We [were extremely surprised] on that midnight because we really thought that we could just be winners and not the champions,” Dela Cruz responded in an online interview.

When asked about his thoughts on the effect of this COVID-19 pandemic in showcasing his talents, he answered that the pandemic serves as a hindrance and an opportunity to him.

“We had a hard time in adjusting to each other’s schedules as we have different scenes in our houses.” “It is an opportunity for the students because it is open for all and that we can work on our entries while being confined in the comforts of our homes,” Dela Cruz added.

According to Dacanay, the goal of their team is to provide awareness about online shopping. “We experienced difficulties during the process and concept mapping of the comic’s content, but we managed to get through and passed our entry on time.”

He also said that the pandemic is not a hindrance in developing his skills because it provides him comfort and space for improvement while he is at home.

With the theme “Sustainable Consumer in the New Normal,” the event was hosted by the Department of Trade and Industry-Regional Office 02.

“Earpods” is one of the 16 finalists at the nationals.