Fr. Maniwang, CICM, inaugurated as USL’s 5th President

A milestone moment as Fr. Maniwang, CICM, takes the helm at USL!

The University of Saint Louis recently inaugurated Rev. Fr. Macwayne N. Maniwang, CICM, Ph.D., as its fifth president in a Holy Eucharist and Solemn Investiture Ceremony held on January 7, 2023, at the Good Shepherd Chapel.

A eucharistic mass, presided over by Most Rev. Bishop Prudencio P. Andaya Jr., CICM, D.D., commenced the celebration, and was followed by a solemn investiture ceremony, hosted by Mr. Sander T. Sedano, USL-LMS Coordinator, and Dr. Venus I. Guyos, Assistant to the EAP for IDQA.

Commencing the ceremony, Rev. Fr. Gilbert B. Sales, CICM, Ph.D., Saint Louis University President, introduced the new president through a life history of his CICM journey. Rev. Fr. Ramon P. Caluza, CICM, Saint Louis College La Union President, together with Fr. Maniwang’s parents, Mr. Antonio Hinay Maniwang and Mrs. Isabelita Nimez Maniwang, vested him with the academic cap and gown.

Atty. Marco Cicero F. Domingo, CHED-R02 OIC-Director IV, presented the academic collar while Rev. Fr. Renillo H. Sta Ana, CICM, the immediate past president of USL, handed in the university mace to Fr. Maniwang, which symbolizes the authority of the Office of the University President.

Affirming his duties, Fr. Maniwang took his oath of office, which was administered by Rev. Fr. Hirohito M. Bolo Jr., CICM, Provincial Superior, CICM Philippine Province, and the Chairman of the Board of Trustees. Select representatives from all sectors of USL conducted the candle lighting ceremony, headed by Dr. Rina M. Reyes, VP for Administration, through the show of acceptance and support by the assembly.

In his inaugural address, Fr. Maniwang outlined his presidency goals, which he classified into four areas of excellence: mission, people, academic, and institutional excellence. “We will improve USL’s social impact through responsive community development programs focused on the CICM advocacies,” shared Fr. Maniwang under the area of mission excellence.

He also remarked, “The main asset of this university is its people,” as he discussed people’s excellence. “Care for the people will be one of my top priorities,” he added. He also committed to uphold and even exceed USL’s tradition of academic excellence through a concerted effort to internationalize education, research, and service missions.

“We will advance our university by examining ways to improve internal operations to achieve stakeholders’ satisfaction. By maximizing resource generation and practicing fiscal responsibility, we must make every effort to strengthen and stabilize our financial position,” urged Fr. Maniwang, as he elaborated his plan under the area of institutional excellence.

With a legacy of dedication to academic excellence, Fr. Maniwang assures a promising and bright future for the institution. “As president, I’ll try my best to give you the strength you need by providing service and leadership that are motivated by passion and commitment. We shall journey together by building deep spiritual friendships, developing leadership communities, and drawing out the best from all sectors of this university.”

“I will always be mindful that power is not about greatness, because greatness in power is translated to service. (I will guarantee) responsibility and accountability to the people and to the organization. In this mission, I am inspired to put my best effort to make our school a truly CICM Catholic Missionary school.”

A dinner service and reception at the James Ter Meer Gymnasium culminated the momentous occasion.

The ceremony was attended by Fr. Maniwang’s family and friends, Board of Trustees members, CICM Fathers, Priests, and Deacons, dignitaries, Executive Advisory Board members, EFC officers, student leaders, USL employees and retirees, representatives of different CICM schools, and USL student performers.