Career Opportunities

JOB OPPORTUNITIES in University of Saint Louis
Asst. FMIS
graduate of BSIT, with experience in programming (Date needed: ASAP)
Filipino Substitute Teacher
Graduate of BSEd major in Filipino; LET Passer; with teaching experience; with experience on the use of LMS - Learning Management System (Date needed: ASAP)
Senior HS IT Teacher (Substitute)
Graduate of BSIT or related course; with teaching experience in the field of specialization; with experience on the use of Learning Management System (LMS) (Date needed: ASAP)
DEM/Engineering Professors (Graduate School)
Applicant must be a graduate of Doctor in Engineering Management or related degree, at least 3 years experience in teaching Graduate School; has a good number of years in industry/office/agency experience (Date needed: ASAP)
Architecture Instructor
with CAD Training; preferably with Master's Degree; preferably with teaching/industry experience. (Date needed: Second Semester SY 2020-2021)
Psychometrician/Records Clerk
Bachelor's degree in Psychology; a Registered Psychometrician, demonstrates the ability to utilize Psychometric instruments; preferably with at least 1 year recent, relevant experience in the conduct of psychological testing in an educational setting; willing to be assigned other HR functions during slack time in recruitment esp. Records Management (Date Needed: ASAP)
Graphic Designers/Multi-media Artist
Proficient in design software; has adequate knowledge in live production; expert in print design, photography and organizational branding; has basic knowledge in photo and video editing. (Date Needed: ASAP)
Graduate of BSIT or BSCS; working knowledge of programming tools/languages and operating systems; proficient knowledge of website management tools; knowledge of IT security; good collaboration skills; reliable and detail-oriented; good communication and problem-solving skills. (Date Needed: ASAP)
Office Assistant
-has student leadership background; a graduate of a 4-year degree program; an output-oriented and self-directed individual; a well-refined individual; possesses skills in ICT, document management and communication (Date needed: March 8, 2021)
must be a high school graduate or college level & NC II Holder; at least 3 years experience. (Date needed: ASAP)
with skill in carpentry, knows how to fabricate furniture (tables, chairs, cabinets, etc.) and with good moral character (Date needed: ASAP)
with skill and experience in painting building, furniture, etc., with good moral character. (Date needed: ASAP)

Interested applicants are advised to address their Application Letter to:

University President
University of Saint Louis

Pertinent Documents to be attached to your application letter are:
  • Comprehensive Resume (Personal Info/Educational Info/Work Experience/Membership in Professional Organization/Awards received)
  • Baptismal Certificate as Catholic
  • Current Church/Parish Affiliation Certification
  • For married applicants, attach Marriage Contract from a Catholic Church
  • Solo Parent ID (if applicable)
  • Clear copy of Official Transcript of Records (Bachelorís/Masterís/Doctorís Degree) with DIPLOMA, if available;
  • PRC License/Board Examination Rating (for board passers) with a Photocopy of the PRC ID
  • Clearance/Evaluation from previous/current employer
  • Copies of Certificates (attendance to training/seminars/conferences/research presentations/publications)
  • Certificate of Good Moral Character from college/university graduated (for fresh graduate)
Please submit/send application documents to:

The Human Resource Management Officer
University of Saint Louis
Mabini Street, Tuguegarao City
3500, Cagayan Valley