Accounting employs ticket-based QMS

The University of Saint Louis (USL), through the Office of the Vice President for Finance, is currently implementing the new Accounting ticket-based Queue Management System (QMS).

According to Mr. Noel T. Banauag, Financial Management Information System (FMIS) officer, the QMS was set up to streamline long lines in front of the Accounting office during peak periods such as enrollment and paying of school fees.

Queue Management System is a set of tools and principles to enforce office procedures and shorten on-site wait times through streamlining queue experience and controlling flow of clients using the “first in, first out” scheme.

“The QMS gives ease and comfort to the students and other clients of the University. And when it comes to the process, it promotes proper discipline among students because they just have to wait for their numbers to be called,” Mr. Banauag said.

The QMS has the following components: Queue Server, Ticket Dispenser, Call Attendant Software, Large Format Bulletin, and Window Service Control Panel.

“Improvements [in the system] are now being considered to address some deficiencies like uncontrolled issuance of tickets and so on,” Mr. Banauag ended.

Said implementation of the management system is part of the University’s efforts to upgrade school facilities and improve quality of services for student satisfaction and client engagement.