Course Offerings


University of Saint Louis is an Accredited Competency Assessment Center for HOUSEKEEPING NC II by the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority. The grant is from March 5, 2013 to March 5, 2015. Interested Applicants for assessment may visit the Office of the Dean, College of Tourism and Technical Vocational Education or call 844 – 1872 loc 205.

Degree Programs


Bachelor of Science in Hospitality and Tourism Management (BSHTM) equips the students with competencies related to the basic and core requirements as well as those associated with major and minor areas in the hospitality and tourism field. The program prepares the students to become tourism professionals who possess the hospitality, entrepreneurial and managerial skills and competencies necessary to make contributions in the industry.


The BSHTM aims to produce graduates who:

  1. are proficient in the performance of  tasks, functions and duties in the operation of trave agencies in accordance with the competency  standards expected in the industry.
  2. are competent in analyzing situation, identifying problems, formulating solutions and implementing corrective and/or mitigating measures and action for issues affecting the hospitality and tourism industry.
  3. have the knowledge, skills, professionalism that will thrive in a borderless economy.
  4. have the ability to communicate well by verbal means  and by  writing, to work with others professionally, and to understand complex interrelationship in the industry.
  5. possess high ethical standards by equipping them with sense of responsibility, self-esteem, integrity and honesty to deliver high quality service that is required in the industry.



The Bachelor of Science in Hotel & Restaurant Management program facilitates learning through practical experience and classroom setting to assist the students to gain the understanding, skills and techniques needed to qualify for related job opportunities, put up and manage their own business and to help them achieve their career goals in the hotel and restaurant business.


The BSHRM aims to produce graduates who:

  1. are capable of performing  basic techniques in performing prescribed range of specific functions effectively and efficiently in food and beverage, front office and housekeeping based on the standards set by the hotel and restaurant industry.
  2. are capable in planning and initiation of alternative approaches to skills and knowledge application across a broad range of technical and procedural requirements
  3. have the ability to communicate well by verbal means  and by  writing,  works with others professionally, and to understand complex interrelationship in the industry.
  4. are capable of demonstrating work with responsibility, sociability and honesty with client groups.
  5. have high level of professionalism and ethical standards in the work environment.



The Technical Vocational programs prepare the students to develop competency standards for acceptable work performance using national training regulations towards certification for specific qualifications in housekeeping, food and beverage services and cookery.

The Technical-Vocational programs aim to produce graduates who:

  1. are equipped with  relevant, accessible, high quality and efficient technical education and skills development;
  2. are competent middle-level manpower with the desired knowledge, skills and positive work values for gainful employment in local and global bounds.
  3. are certified competent in housekeeping, food and beverage and cookery.