High School Department


HS Department is committed to provide premium basic secondary education towards the holistic development of the young adolescents who will become self-directed persons and responsible members of the Church and the Society.


Inspired by Saint Louis, the Patron of the Youth, with the intercession of Mother Mary, and with strong collaboration with parents and community for the education of the young, USL-HS continues to be a beacon of excellence through committed efforts for:

  • True Christian Living: The witnessing of Christ’s presence in contemporary situations through active participation in the joyful learning and meaningful appreciation of Christian values and practices;
  • Academic Excellence: Modeling competitive academic leadership through creative and critical thinking skills in instruction and research in response to the challenges of the present time;
  • Professional Responsibility: Applying efficiently and responsibly the learned principles, values and skills in the chosen discipline, at the same time taking initiative and responsibility in one’s professional advancement; and
  • Social Awareness and Involvement: Being aware of the issues and concerns prevailing in the society, thereby, initiating and participating in constructive and relevant social activities for the promotion of justice, peace and integrity of creation.


  1. To promote Christian Faith as the dynamic force in the total personality development and character building towards becoming a STAR:

    -  self-directed

    -  transformative

    -  assertive and

    -  responsive adolescents

  2. To cultivate in the students a deeper sense of awareness and ardor for the mission of Christ through active involvement in the Church and in their community for the promotion of Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation.
  3. To provide intensive programs for its curriculum and instruction thereby developing the critical thinking, research competencies and effective communication skills of the student.
  4. To expose and actively involve the students in the worthwhile and challenging co-curricular and extra-curricular activities to help them discover and develop their talents, capabilities ad skills.
  5. To offer opportunities for students to discover a vocation based on their interest, potentials and community needs.
  6. To instill in students a deep sense of appreciation  for the rich cultural and national heritage as a FILIPINO people 


To form adolescents with strong religious foundation and passion for excellence in their curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular endeavors.