Elementary Department


USL Elementary Department is committed to provide comprehensive Preparatory and Elementary Education, building the knowledge, skills and values of the young Louisians as foundation towards CAPABLE members of the family, community, and society.


Guided by the vision and mission of the University of Saint Louis in general, USL Elementary Department directs all its efforts towards the attainment of these specific objectives:

  1. Provide a curriculum that is learner-centered, values-based and pursued in the context of quality education;
  2. Promote mastery of basic knowledge and skills thereby initially developing the critical thinking and effective communication skills of the pupils;
  3. Offer meaningful experiences for the pupils as they involve themselves in worthwhile and challenging co-curricular and extra-curricular activities to help them develop their talents, capabilities and skills;
  4. Cultivate awareness of global and ecological realities.
  5. Instill in the pupils a deep sense of national identity and appreciation of their rich cultural heritage.


To provide a comprehensive curriculum for the children as they are developed and nurtured to become CAPABLE members of the family, community and society.

C – Christ-Centered
A – Action- Directed
P – Person- Oriented
A – Academically- Driven
B – Behaviorally-Upright
L – Law-Abiding
E – Emotionally- Mature
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