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  USL Virtual Campus Tour

Welcome to the USL virtual campus tour

Take a virtual tour of our campus by using this simple application. You may zoom-in or zoom-out the image, you may drag the image to move it.
  Click this icon to have a picture view of the buildings and other structures
  And this icon for 360 degrees view.

You may also Search a ROOM or OFFICE by clicking here To view USL from Google map, Click here


A - Constant Jurgens Building I2 - Fr. Charles Pieters Building (Phase 2) P - P Building
B - CEBEMO Building I3 - Fr. Charles Pieters Building (Phase 3) Q - Q Building
C - San Jacinto Building I4 - Fr. Charles Pieters Building (Phase 4) R - Bulwagang Andres Nowe
D - San Lorenzo Ruiz Building J - Fr. Theophile Verbist Building S - Mary Immaculate Ladies Dormitory
E - CICM Building K - Hantson Building T - Ter Meer Gymnasium
F - University Chapel L - Pope John Paul II Building U - Student Activity Shed
G - CICM District House M - M Building V - Tjolle International Hotel
H - Aloysius Building N - N Building W - Butterfly Garden
I1 - Fr. Charles Pieters Building (Phase I) O - O Building X - Stadium

A CICM Academic Institution

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