About USL

UNIVERSITY OF SAINT LOUIS is one of the five CICM institutions of higher learning which aim at preparing the youth in becoming mature Christians and citizens whose only pride will be to serve well their God and Country.

Vision Statement

University of Saint Louis is a globally competent CICM Catholic Educational Institution that forms persons of character, conscience, compassion, with national pride, sense of mission, and passion nurtured by the Louisian culture of excellence.

Mission Statement

Propelled by its vision, the University creates and sustains an academic community through the:

a. Promotion of Christian faith as a dynamic force in the enhancement of life and in the moral transformation of communities;

b. Advancement of all-inclusive educational programs and services for local and global societies towards social and sustainable development;

c. Development of a learning environment characterized by effective delivery of quality instruction, directed research, and responsive community extension services;

d. Establishment of strategic partnership with local and global institutions;

e. Provision of equitable access to quality education;

f. Appreciation of cultural uniqueness towards the cultivation of national identity;

g. Participation in constructive and relevant social activities for the promotion of justice, peace and integrity of creation;

h. Formation of professionals who give witness to the Louisian culture of excellence in their respective disciplines and workplaces.

Educational Philosophy and Core Values

The University of Saint Louis upholds the philosophy that education is for building of self and persons for the Church and the Society. Wisdom builds. To these ends, the following are University of Saint Louis’ core values integral in the formation of every member of the Louisian community.

a. Christian Living. We are witnesses to the Gospel values as taught and lived by Christ thus making God’s love known and experienced by all.

b. Excellence. We seek and maintain uncompromising standard of quality in teaching, learning, service, and stewardship of school resources.

c. Professional Responsibility. We are committed to efficiently and responsibly apply the learned principles, values and skills in the chosen field of discipline, taking initiative and command responsibility in one’s professional advancement.

d. Social Awareness and Involvement. We engage ourselves with society by listening to the prevailing issues and concerns in the society, thereby initiating and participating in constructive and relevant social activities for the promotion of justice, peace and integrity of creation and for people’s wellness and development consistent with the CICM charism.

e. Innovation, Creativity and Agility. We keep ourselves relevant and responsive to the changing needs of our stakeholders by being flexible, solution oriented, and having cutting edge decisions and practices.